Traditional customer communication management (CCM) systems used to mean siloed applications based on in-house, custom-developed code. Or worse, multiple vendor contracts that locked insurers into pricing and options for disparate tools that were challenging to integrate and costly to support. But all that has changed, as today’s CCM solutions for insurers integrate with core platforms to drive greater value and a better customer experience in a way that is flexible and easy to maintain.

As the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree is five years ago. The second-best time is now. When it comes to transforming CCM systems, the time is most definitely now. Every year, insurers face new challenges that drive them to operate more efficiently and effectively, so they can comply with new regulations, meet competitive pressures, enhance the customer experience, and capitalize on opportunities for growth.

With so many organizations re-focusing dollars and effort on customer experience, there has never been a better time for insurers to evaluate the systems and processes they rely on to deliver timely, effective customer communications. The good news is that the time, effort, and cost to upgrade and improve those tools and empower users has never been better.