Core Insurance Transformation

Combining state-of-the-art technology from our technology partners with Fundoo expertise in insurance practise to provide end-to-end core platform implementation to our clients. We help to analyse client’s needs and match those with capabilities of our partner’s product offer. We are experts in solution architecture, deployment strategy, customization, data & analytic to ensure our client achieve great success for their investment.

Digital Capability Enablement

Insurance ecosystem is growing exponentially to meet the customer need at any moment, by any channel. We support our client in accelerate their digital footprint with new technology and the usage of new data sources supporting new products and distribution channels.

Digital Transformation Consultation

Ever-wondered where to start in transforming your businesses or how to select and manage the technology partner for your transformation project? We help by providing Digital Transformation service to crystalize your vision, strategize your plan and working with you on the implementation approach to your transformation project that fits your current resources, systems and capabilities.