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Private community platform

A collaborative environment for your businesses’ internal workforce or external customer to interact, communicate and work together. Designed in a low-code automation methodology, each user journey is customized to support your Enterprise Information Loop requirement of Direct, Relevant, In-time communication.

Measurement & Analytic

We support Out-of-the Box dashboard and measurement so that your business truly own and operate the platform. Besides, we offer tailored data pipeline development and Machine Learning analytic that help you to make better decision in facilitating the community development in line with business outcome & objective.

Cloud based Deployment and management
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Community Development Audit and Training

Ever-wondered where to start in building your enterprises’ community or how far have your businesses’ community gone? We help by providing Community maturity audit and benchmarking service, followed by community development training that you might need. A fresh start? We start with you right at the beginning with Business Use Case Planning for your well-informed understanding of community development journey.

Direct communication to your internal audience

For your direct, precise, in-time communication with measurement and suggested action to achieve operational excellence. In each and every step of the Information Loop within enterprise, we help to streamline your communication across the organization, in each department, in each project to achieve the operational objective.

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Personalized content journey

Supporting multiple content format at large content library storage as well as multiple user group level, the platform enables customized content journey for each user group to support faster content rollout, much more focused content consumption at a personalized level.

Personalized content journey

Be at ease while operating the community thanks to its GDPR Compliance that protects your businesss from potential risk of violating customer data privacy.

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On-premise deployment with technical and integration support

Integrate seamlessly with your current collaboration tools including Microsoft Office 365, Confluence, and others to enhance the internal capability in knowledge sharing, project planning and digital collaboration.

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