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Platform as A Service (PaaS)

DEploy WITH ease

Cloud-based deployment and management

Cloud based Deployment and management
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Multiple interactive environments

Always-on interaction from Classroom, Webinar to Peer-to-peer and Group communication

clear segmentation of stakeholders

Multi-level user supported

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management with ANALYTICS

Rich data on engagement

Ideal for Teachers & Students - On the same page, from anywhere

Stay in sync, let remote classes share a virtual space, collaborate in real-time and bring back some of the magic not only with in person interaction in class on campus but after hours’ gatherings as well.

Campus or class room culture does not thrive in chat and video calls alone. We need more dynamic, fluid and relevant ways of moving through the digital workplace; so that the ways we connect with our colleagues, peers and students aren’t limited by our tools.

Put an end to endless back-and-forth and give your students the tools they need to work, and be, on the same page, in real-time. For unlimited learning, brainstorming & creativity that never gets lost.

Bring back the magic of after hours, in-campus celebrations and all the memories that make your teacher, campus & class uniquely yours.

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AI-driven engagement journey based on your customised education content and collaboration tools

Content created by nationwide Educators, Local & International Faculty, Influencers, Thought Leaders, Self-help Educators, Vocational courses, Future ready Courses, DIY via real time integration on various video platforms

Individual & Group engagement tools incl. Online learning, Attendance & Performance Rewards, Interactive Community Rooms, One to One with Coach or Tutor, online Marketplace, Digital Library and many more

Seamless access between Student community and Teaching Community through live two way interaction where both communities can interact with class mates, peers, faculty

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