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Application Security Solution

Don’t wait for the final security scan after you have merged your code or completed the whole sprint. Provide immediate scanning of your developer code followed by training and improvement suggestion so each line of code added to your Application is a secured one

Shift Left in Application Security


5 modules, 45 engines and fastest in the industry while supporting Static, Dynamic, Dependencies, Secrets and Infrastructure scanning.


Decrease risk and upskill developers by just-in-time training delivered at the correct time when developer is notified of any vulnerabilities.

Increased Developer Velocity

Scrap you lengthly security backlog, detect vulnerabilities in second and improve code security quality right at code build.

Communication Platform Solution

Increase customer engagement and efficiencies by allow your customer to communicate with your business in each and every channel that they find convenience from your App. From Flight schedule notification, medical appointment, to Super Finance/Insurance/Ride hailing apps

Interact with your customer at their preferred channel

Turnkey Applications

Quick launch with “Out of the box” applications and standard templates.

API interaction

Freedom to integrate our service into each customer touchpoint and business process of your choice.

Rich capability

Voice, video, message, two-factor authentication, number masking, call routing, IVR, etc to be selected at will.

IT Maturity Audit and Benchmarking

An IT Maturity Assessment provides insight into “best in class” operational effectiveness for both the overall building blocks of technology

Never skip a beat

TOM Assessment

The High-level TOM Assessment provides an introduction of each Operating Model building block and provides discussion topics for review of each building block’s current effectiveness.

High Level Process Assessment

The High-level Process Assessment provides summary information per process such as process steps and roles/responsibilities, and process specific attributes of maturity for discussion of current effectiveness.

Dimension of Technology application

Define flow and interaction of technology in various aspect of the business including Strategy, Technology Business Management, Governance & Management System, Performance Management, Information Management, Risk & Compliance, Sourcing, Business Value, Service, Project and Provider (Vendor).

Personalized Video Service

Create personalized experiences that win customers for life. Delight them with tailored recommendations and offers based on their preferences, behaviour, demographics, interests, transactions, and more.

Make every touchpoint with your customer is truly about them

Throughout Customer Journey

From Customer Acquisition (Personalized quotation), Onboarding (Welcome message with their service package), Cross-sell & Upsell (Leverage your knowledge of customer to offer revelant product, and Retention (Turn a common point of fiction into an opportunity to engage with your customer).

Multiple Personalized factors

From data visualization to Images, Video-in-video, Text, Color, and Voice over along with Soundtrack, all can be customized to each and every customer of your business.

Customer loves video

62% customers want more videos from brands.

72% is more likely to share data to let brands personalize their experience.

4x retention by personalized video compared to normal video and other communication message.

Drive customer engagement with Fundoo