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ANALYSE - Insights to Action in Seconds

Craft brilliant customer experiences through one dashboard. Fundoo offers natively built analytics in addition to Omni channel engagement. So you can spend more time obsessing over a superior community experience instead of switching between multiple tools and systems.

Insights that matter, at every stage of the journey


Map the steps in your customer’s on boarding journey and identify where they are dropping off. Figure out who is dropping off and why, by diving into demographics, location, device type, and acquisition channels data.


Obsess over your loyal customers and map their journey across your digital and offline touchpoints. Understand their actions and find out what makes them stick.


Understand the behavioural differences between repeat and non-repeat customers. Analyze their demographics, activity history, transactions, location, and more to understand their likes, dislikes, preferences, and interests.

SEGMENT - Communicate to an Audience of One or Many

AI-driven segmentation engine, that automatically splits your customers into micro-groups based on their behaviour. Now you can delight every customer with highly personalized offers, recommendations, alerts, and updates.

Precision targeting at every step


Group customers by acquisition channels, demographics, location, and other attributes. Design on boarding paths for each group and activate your customers quickly, with highly relevant and contextual messages


Leverage predictive algorithms that analyzes customer behavior and groups them into buckets such as “Loyal”, “Churn Risk”, “Potential loyalists”, “Needs attention”, and more. Quickly identify churn risk customers and retain them


Design omni-channel campaigns to grow your customers and move them from “Churn risk” towards “Loyal”. Measure campaign impact and understand how many loyal customers have been earned

ENGAGE - Delightful Digital Experiences, No Matter Where They Are

Create seamless, connected customer experiences across channels and devices. Visualize, create, and automate customer lifecycle campaigns. Let our AI engine automatically identify the right message and the right time to send it.

Never skip a beat


Most customers abandon apps after one or two visits. Automate workflows that use email, text, push notifications, WhatsApp and retargeting channels to help your customers get back on track


Interact with customers through their preferred channels to reduce friction and drop-offs


Win customer loyalty, by delivering great service in real-time. Set up triggers to automatically share relevant offers, updates, alerts, and reminders. Encourage repeat purchases and subscriptions by reinforcing your brand promise across all digital touchpoints

PERSONALISE - One to One, for Everyone

Create personalized experiences that win customers for life. Delight them with tailored recommendations and offers based on their preferences, behaviour, demographics, interests, transactions, and more.

A superlative experience without boundaries


Align the brands on boarding experience with the customer’s personal success. Help them discover value quickly through personalized on boarding journeys


Keep your customers hooked with product and content recommendations that are spot-on. Sync up your product or content catalogue and deliver recommendations in real-time based on customer behaviour, preferences, demographics, activity history, location, time, and more.


Build a unified and personalized brand experience across all offline and online touchpoints. Maximize customer lifetime value, by empowering them to succeed whenever, wherever, and however they interact with your brand

Drive customer engagement with Fundoo

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