Community Development Audit and Service

Equip your community management whether they are in Sales, Marketing or Human Resource department with necessary know-how in developing your businesses’ community

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Accompany Your Team Throughout The Community Development Journey

Business Use Case Planning

Set out business objective to be achieved and contributed by your businesses’ community development effort including finance, content, resource planning

Community Development Practitioner

Equip your team with know-how and skillset to manage and develop your businessses’ community

Community Engagement

Community development with best-practice engagement activitiy, strategic community monitoring and facilitating guideline

Audit & Benchmarking

See your businesses’ community in the community maturity level by looking at 8 aspect contributing to its development throughout 4 level of maturity

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Business Use Case Planning for Your Community

Establish a strategic plan before deployment by looking at Financial aspect, Quantifying challenge and Estimate Return-on-investment from your businesses’ community development activity. Preparation ranging from human resource required; skillset availability; dynamic between groups, departments, teams; and Responsibility metric to stakeholders.

Community Development Practitioner

Be your businesses’ champion in driving and facilitating the community toward achieve business outcomes. The practitioner will go through and understand:

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Community engagement and execution

Utilize low-code automation tool to design and publish rich content format and journey while maximize the usage of data analytic to optimize your strategy in facilitating the community.

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